Christian and Julien, both from the world of gastronomy and hospitality, have created Maya-Saveurs, a sweet blend of authenticity and know-how. It all starts with terrines, of course homemade, available in a multitude of regional flavours. Original design, fresh ingredients, and a good dose of elbow grease. This is how the Maya-Saveurs project started.

You will also find our salting production: raw ham, dried meat, dry bacon, copa – To come and taste on our plate in the Grenier and on request to take away.

Homemade Terrines

The flavours vary according to the seasons. You can discover, among others, the timeless Peasant, the audacious with bolets, the regional with apricot, the spicy pepper and juniper, the Valaisanne with apples and genepi, the Italian with basil and sundried tomatoes.
All meats are of Swiss origin, and 100% artisanal!

Orders for terrines are placed directly on site. A mailing through the Post Office is possible, please contact us.